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Why Good Washrooms Matter in Education Environments

Within toilet and washroom areas across all levels in education and age groups, we understand the complexities and requirements for differing academic environments. As pupils use these areas on a daily basis, it’s important that nurseries, schools, and other educational institutions provide a space is comfortable, welcoming, and practical for all. Washrooms should be an area that is inclusive for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or disability.

How do you achieve this?

At Washroom Fit-Out Company, our solutions for education environments are as varied as the institutions we work with. From schools to universities, we’re at the forefront of gender-neutral washroom design, and our washrooms are as unique as the people who will use them. We’re leading the way in inclusive design that caters for all, and we’re always looking for new ways to push boundaries.

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    What is considered to be a “Good Washroom” for Education?

    School toilets often have a reputation for being dirty, uninviting, and are often a place for vandalism and bullying to occur. But your washrooms shouldn’t have to be this way. There are a few key things to consider when installing or refurbishing washrooms in educational institutions:

    • Inclusive toilet cubicle design
    • Anti-vandal & durable toilets
    • Creating a welcoming washroom space

    With these points in mind, we can work with you to create a washroom cubicle system that meets the needs of everyone who uses it. We understand the unique challenges that these environments face, so we can offer guidance on the best materials, colour schemes, and finishes that are suitable for a wide range of age groups with Lower & Higher Education.


    What is inclusive washroom design?

    Inclusive washroom design is about creating a space that is welcoming and safe for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or disability. In education settings, it’s about creating toilet cubicle areas for the student in mind, and ensuring that everyone can use the space comfortably without discrimination.

    We’re committed to championing inclusive design gender-neutral washrooms for secondary and Higher Education projects. Privacy is key in these environments, so we install full height toilet cubicles in secondary and Higher education settings so that students can use the space without fear of being seen.

    Schools, colleges, and universities often contact us regularly for help and advice on gender-neutral washroom solutions, which is why we assign a dedicated point of contact to your project so that they’re there to help you every step of the way – from initial concept through to installation and after handover.

    How durable are your school toilets?

    One of the main considerations for education toilet and washroom areas is durability. Within these high traffic areas comes the need for materials that can withstand constant use and attempts at vandalism.

    We understand the challenges these areas face, which is why we only supply and install the highest quality ironmongery and anti-vandal fittings in our toilet cubicle systems. Our range of cubicle door and vanity top materials and finishes are designed to be scratch and abrasion resistant, for a washroom that’s made to last in any education setting.


    How do you install a welcoming school washroom environment?

    Your school bathrooms shouldn’t be as dull as homework. With the right materials, colours, and finishes, you can create an inviting space that’s both practical and stylish.

    Whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing existing washrooms, we work with you every step of the way, ensuring that your vision is brought to life, and suggest products you might not have thought of including. Choose from a wide range of bright and vibrant colours to more neutral schemes that create a calming atmosphere. We provide guidance on the best materials to use in high traffic areas, such as durable laminate vanities and wash troughs, to ensure they’re durable and easy to clean.


    What can you expect from us?

    Thinking about refurbishing your nursery toilet cubicles? Or do you want a washroom fit-out for your brand-new university building? We offer comprehensive solutions for students in all age groups and education settings in:

    • Nursery and preschool
    • Primary schools
    • Secondary schools and sixth form colleges
    • Universities and other Higher Education buildings

    We understand that every education institution is different, so we take a flexible approach to every project. We’ll assign a dedicated point of contact who will be there to guide you through the entire process, from initial concept to completion.

    1. Our commitment to great washroom aesthetics

    For a washroom solution that makes an impact, our education washroom fit-outs are second to none. We’re passionate about creating beautiful, functional spaces that can be inclusive to all students and offers them a private space to use washroom facilities.

    Our aim is to bring together a team of experts from different trades to deliver a solution that is accommodating to all, no matter how challenging the project may be. We previously have worked with architects, education consultants, and building contractors on a wide range of education projects that meets the needs and requirements for staff and students.

    2. Durable and robust school toilet solutions with minimal downtime

    Our dedication to quality and excellence means that we only ever use high quality washroom products and fittings for the education sector. We understand that education washroom projects often work to tight budgets and deadlines, which is why we’re flexible in providing a wide range of cubicle materials and accessories to suit every budget and that last.

    We work around your school’s schedule and can install after hours so there’s minimal disruption to your students’ learning. This, combined with our team of experience and skill, ensures that your new washrooms are installed with as little noise as possible and downtime.


    Interested in Transforming Your School’s Washroom?

    We’re committed to creating inclusive, practical, and appealing washrooms for all age groups across all educational settings.

    We understand the need for tough, durable toilet cubicles and washroom fittings that can withstand constant use in high traffic areas, whilst appreciating the importance of inclusive design. We bring our skill, experience, and flexibility to every project, ensuring that we meet the specific needs and requirements of nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities. Speak to our team today to discuss your education washroom project.

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