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Why Washroom Aesthetics Matter in Hospitality

First impressions matter in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, cafe, or bar, a customer’s experience doesn’t live up to their expectations, it could bring a negative word-of-mouth.

So, what do you do to avoid this?

From the moment you contact our team, we’re ready to help you with create a washroom that reflects your desired aesthetic. We offer guidance on our washroom products, materials, colour, and finishes, to transform toilet areas in the hospitality sector.

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    What should you consider when transforming washrooms in hospitality?

    From the floral decadence of Annabel’s toilets in their private Mayfair club, to the futuristic egg cubicles and photogenic ceiling in Sketch, these washrooms are more than just a space of comfort. They are a destination in their own right.

    Elegant, ‘Instagrammable’ washrooms are the way forward for the hospitality sector. We know what works to make that a reality. We bring together our team of experts that work with our clients hand-in-hand to achieve their vision and bring their washroom space to life by focusing on three core elements for beautiful, modern washroom designs:

    • Unapologetic aesthetics
    • Built-to-last maintenance
    • A customer-first washroom experience


    How to make your restaurant or hotel toilets look better?

    It takes more than a lick of paint and a pop of colour to make washrooms in hospitality ‘Instagram worthy’. To truly elevate your toilet aesthetic, we create our products bespoke and tailor our services for a solution that makes your guests go “wow”.

    When you work with our team, we get to know your business inside and out. We learn about the atmosphere you want to create, and overall – how you want your washroom to be.

    Is your washroom built to last?

    Day in, day out, restaurants, cafes, and hotel public washrooms are being used constantly by guests. It’s important that you have a toilet cubicle and sink solution that not only looks incredible but is built to withstand gradual wear and tear.

    At Washroom Fit-Out Company, we take pride in using only the highest quality ironmongery, materials, and products that are made to last and are easy to maintain.  Select from hundreds of scratch-resistant, yet easy-to-clean premium vanity tops, to sleek duct panels that conceal unsightly pipework. The result? Washroom solutions and finishes that deliver on style and substance.

    No matter what washroom we’re contracted to fit-out within the hospitality sector, our aim is to make sure that your toilet solution can withstand persistent use, can be easily maintained by your staff, and matches your desired aesthetic.


    How do we create washroom solutions for the user in mind?

    We understand that a good hospitality washroom experience is not only about how it looks. It’s also vitally important that your guests have an enjoyable and comfortable time using the facilities.

    This is why we always design with your guests and customers in mind, to make sure that every element of our washroom toilet solution improves their overall experience and gets people talking. We do this by finding out more about your requirements and considerations:

    • How easy it will be for staff to maintain the washroom
    • The overall look and feel you want to achieve for your toilet area
    • Additional washroom features that influence people to return

    Whatever they need, we go above and beyond to make sure that we deliver on our promise of an incredible washroom solution for hotels, restaurants, bars and more within the hospitality sector.


    How do we create instagrammable washrooms for the hospitality sector?

    We might not be designers, but we do have an appreciation for the finer details. We know what colours, finishes and products look best for your washroom, and we apply our industry know-how and past project experience to let our creative toilet ideas speak for themselves. The result? Stunning washrooms that add value to your business and makes a lasting impression to your guests.

    What Can You Expect From Us?

    Whether we install a luxury public washroom in a five-star hotel lobby, or to efficiently refurbish a premium Superloo for at an independent café, we always deliver an incredible solution thanks to our simple, yet effective, workflow. Here’s what we do to make stunning washrooms a reality for the hospitality sector.

    1. Installers of great washrooms with your vision in mind

    By bringing together a team of experts across different trades, we know how to a full fit-out package to supply, install, and deliver high-end washrooms for the hospitality sector.

    No matter how complex the project might be, we’re flexible in working around any challenges by applying our creativity to bring mundane washrooms to life. By understanding your needs and requirements, we deliver on time and work to your budget to offer washrooms that innovate and leave a lasting mark to your guests.

    2. Hospitality washrooms, built to last

    Whilst we understand that washrooms need to look amazing, they also need to be built to last. Our constant search for striking yet sound washroom products allows us to transform tired office washrooms into a place that makes an impression.

    Our suppliers share our commitment to quality, excellence, and style, which is why we only ever use the best materials for our projects. 

    3. Get the washroom you want with minimal downtime

    Do you want to know why our washrooms make a lasting impression? It’s because we’ve fine-tuned our process to ensure that no matter the scale of the project, we deliver a smooth operation from start to finish.

    Our process tried and tested process is the result of industry insight and experience, designed to make the fit-out and installation run smoothly. You and your washroom requirements are our priority, and our direct point of contact is always there to help you to make your washroom a reality.

    We understand that having contractors in whilst you’re running your hospitality business can be an inconvenience and could affect your customer’s experience. That’s why we work around your schedule to cause the least amount of hassle. Once we’ve handed the keys to your new washroom, we still provide helpful advice and offer guidance for your next project.

    Let’s create a stunning solution for your hospitality washroom by speaking to one of our friendly experts.

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