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Why Sports & Leisure Washrooms Are More Popular Than Ever

Gym washrooms are no longer just a place to get changed before you exercise. They’re a place of motivation. Gym goers need to have somewhere to psych themselves up before an intense workout. Equally, they allow relaxation, offering a moment of peace and self-restoration amongst their busy lives.

The expectations for sports and leisure environments have never been higher. It doesn’t matter if you have state-of-the-art gym equipment, there’s nothing more off-putting than inadequate toilets or ugly looking changing rooms.

That’s where we come in.

We work with our clients to create washrooms that motivate their customers by elevating their experiences through inviting yet bold installations.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, we’ll help you create the perfect washroom solution for your gym, spa, or leisure centre. We offer guidance on the best materials, colour and finishes to use to bring your ideas together, and even suggest products you might not have thought about using.

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    What Should You Consider When Transforming Your Gym Washroom?

    Changing rooms are often the first and last port of call for gym goers, so stunning toilet and shower aesthetics are the way forward to captivate your users. By bringing together our collaborative knowledge and expertise, we know what works to bring your vision and gym washroom space to life.

    To achieve a modern gym washroom aesthetic, there’s 3 key areas we consider:

    • Attractive aesthetics
    • Durability and maintenance
    • Access to facilities


    Why does aesthetics matter in gym and leisure washrooms?

    Changing rooms and washrooms at gyms and leisure centres are often an afterthought when it comes to toilet design. However, they play an important role in the user experience and should be given just as much attention as the facilities you offer.

    The state and look of your washroom say a lot about your business and can affect long term customer retention. If you’re looking to create a modern gym washroom that will impress your customers, then you need to consider the materials, colour and finishes you use in your toilets and changing areas. That’s why careful planning and consideration is key process is vital.

    From the moment you’re in touch with us, we get to know your business inside out and talk about what you’re looking for in your ideal gym washroom. If you have an idea in mind or need some inspiration, we’re here to offer guidance and ideas on how to achieve this. We’re flexible in working with your budget to ensure we deliver incredible gym toilets.

    Why does durability matter for sport & leisure washrooms?

    In environments where there’s a lot of footfall and wet areas, such as gym showers and leisure centres, it’s important to consider the durability and maintenance of the materials you use for these spaces.

    Over time, moisture can affect toilet cubicle doors and surfaces can become scratched, stained, and damaged from extensive use. Not only do your customers find it off-putting, but it can also be a hazard.

    Our washroom fit-out solutions are designed to be both appealing and durable. We only use the highest quality materials, bathroom fixtures, and fittings that are built to last and easy for staff to maintain. Our team are skilled to install gym toilets and washrooms to the highest standards, ensuring a result that you and your customers will love.


    How do we make gym washrooms more user-friendly?

    During peak times, you might see a rush of people entering your gym and using your facilities. The influx of people can often lead to long queues and waiting times for toilets, showers, and locker areas which can leave people frustrated and affecting their overall experience.

    We understand the importance of providing facilities that can accommodate users at all times, which is why through careful consideration, we create beautiful gym washrooms, toilets and shower cubicle areas that enhance your customer’s experience.

    Through our process, our experts install the latest products that are made to be long lasting and user-friendly. From automatic taps, sensor-activated hand dryers, and space saving gym lockers, our goal is to make your client’s washroom experience as seamless as possible.

    Whatever you think you need, we’re here to offer insightful guidance and ideas to make your gym washroom the best it can be, and provide inspiration through washroom products you might not have thought about including.

    How do we create great washrooms for the sport & leisure sector?

    We might not be designers, but we do have an appreciation for the finer details. We know what colours, finishes and products look best for your washroom, and we apply our industry know-how and past project experience to let our creative toilet ideas speak for themselves. The result? Stunning washrooms that add value to your business and makes a lasting impression to your guests.

    What can you expect from us?

    Whether you know what you’re looking for in a gym washroom, or need some inspiration, we’re always here to offer you guidance and support. We know what works to ensure that your washroom becomes a reality.

    1. Great washrooms with your vision in mind

    From a small washroom refurbishment to a multiple toilet and shower cubicle system for a brand new gym, we’re flexible in bringing tired washrooms to life. By understanding your needs and requirements, we deliver on time and work to your budget to offer high-end, sleek washrooms that create a great experience for your customers.

    Our secret? We’ve brought together a team of experts across different trades who know how to fully fit-out and deliver high quality and durable washrooms for the Sports & Leisure sector.

    2. Made to last gym & spa washrooms with minimal downtime

    We understand that any downtime for your business can be costly, which is why we work to minimise the impact of our installation process. By bringing together our skilled and experienced team of fit-out experts, we’re committed to delivering seamless washroom solutions with as little disruption to you and your customers as possible.

    What’s more, all our products and washroom fixtures and fittings are made to last, so you can be confident that your new washroom will withstand the daily wear and tear of constant, daily use. Our suppliers share our commitment to quality, excellence, and style, which is why we only ever use the best materials for our projects. You can rest assured that every toilet, shower, and finish has been considered as part of your washroom aesthetic – right down to the very last accessory.


    Let’s create a stunning solution for your washroom

    While different businesses have different needs and aesthetics requirements, we work with you throughout the process to bring together all the elements to create a gym washroom that gets people talking.

    We’re flexible in working to your budget and requirements, and out team’s ability to think outside the box is what will take your gym facilities to the next level.

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