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Experience-driven washrooms are designed to be innovative and functional for the sports and leisure industry.

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The challenges of a washroom with high footfall

In the sports and leisure sector, washrooms can often be relegated to an afterthought, despite their crucial role in the visitor experience. The challenges can be especially demanding when managing heavy footfall, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, and facilitating a smooth crowd flow, all while often dealing with constrained budgets and tight timelines.

If your washrooms are outdated, showing wear after high-usage events, or simply failing to meet your volume needs during peak times, the impact reverberates far beyond the restroom doors. It affects operational efficiency, tarnishes brand reputation, and diminishes the overall visitor experience. Addressing this issue is not merely a matter of aesthetics or convenience; it’s a pressing operational imperative.

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    Why us, why now?

    The unique demands of sports and leisure venues require a partner with the industry knowledge and experience to account for all eventualities. At The Washroom Fit-Out Company, we are as committed to operational excellence as you are. With a portfolio that includes prestigious names like Old Trafford and Proctor & Gamble, we set the standard for washrooms that not only endure heavy usage but also provide a unique experience for visitors. From rapid turnarounds between events to resilient materials that withstand wear and tear, our solutions are tailor-made for your sector’s specific challenges.

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    Our Committed contractors and installers

    The expertise of our contractors and installers sets us apart, imbuing each project with an unmatched level of skill and precision. Our team are craftsmen who understand the nuances of material, space, and design, perfectly aligning with our core values of innovation and attention to detail. From the placement of fixtures to the integration of durable, high-quality materials, our teams are more than capable of turning your vision into a reality. We’re fully committed to your project’s success, providing clear points of contact and immediate responses to any concerns.

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    Eco-focused washrooms

    In an era where environmental responsibility is not just a choice but a necessity, our team are steadfast in our commitment to sustainable practices. For us, creating a high-performing washroom must go hand in hand with limiting our ecological footprint. Our material selection focuses on durability and sustainability, ensuring that not only do our washrooms withstand the test of time but also contribute positively to environmental conservation. We advocate for low-flow fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainably sourced materials, aligning with the values of eco-conscious facilities managers. By choosing us, you’re opting for a future where operational excellence doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

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    What sets us apart?

    In a sector where operational excellence and visitor experience are paramount, choosing the right partner for your washroom refurbishment is a decisive factor. We bring more than two decades of industry experience to each job, creating washrooms that not only serve the needs of heavy footfall but also enhance brand reputation and ambience. Backed by our team of highly skilled contractors and installers, we offer a seamless journey from concept to completion.

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    Frequently Asked questions.

    Timelines vary based on project scope and size. However, we pride ourselves on quick turnarounds, especially in environments with high footfall and specific operational constraints.

    Yes, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored washroom solutions that align with your brand, aesthetics, and specific requirements.

    Our installations prioritise resilience and ease of maintenance, using only high-quality materials designed to withstand heavy use and ease the cleaning process.

    We begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your needs, budget and desired completion date. From here, we can start designing schemes based on the budget. We usually provide 2 to 3 designs, drawings and renders. Our turnaround time is up to a week, supplying the designs along with a quote.

    Absolutely. Our relationship doesn’t end once the project is complete. We offer maintenance and aftercare services to ensure your washrooms continue to meet expectations.

    Contact us for a comprehensive consultation where we’ll discuss your needs, timelines, and budget, kickstarting the process of transforming your washrooms.

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